A Blockchain Infrastructure for Cryptocurrency Exchange Ecosystem
Providing a safe, efficient, transparent public chain of digital asset management and settlement for exchanges
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Please be aware of these tricks and do not fall to it.Please verify and double check our official announcements and feel free to contact with CoinXP admin and assistants on telegram and WeChat.
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Lack of globally shared market liquidity. Eachexchange functions as an isolated island.

Security incidents are often devastating and completely destroy the market confidence.

Absence of regulation and supervision holds off institutional investors.


Risk of personal asset safety with centralized exchanges.

Lack of trading information and user education.

Slow trading speed, mediocre order price limited to market liquidity.

Displeasing experience with decentralized exchanges for enhanced security.

A Blockchain-based decentralized Exchange Alliance
CoinXP is an Exchange Alliance built on a decentralized public chain that inter-connects exchanges, traders, brokers, and Dapps, empowering them to focus on customer acquisition/retention, and compliance. Through CoinXP, participating existing exchanges can obtain their much-needed market liquidity hassle-free with zero cost. Additionally, for those startups who are trying to disrupt the established market, CoinXP facilitates them by lowering the bar for becoming a trading party and extracting away the infrastructure service implementation layer.
Unprecedented trading experience for customers
CoinXP combines the advantages of both centralized and decentralized exchanges to provide the ultimate trading experience. CoinXP inherently assures transparency and security through order books and settlements on public chain. It optimizes user experience with locally centralized brokers, market research, user education, community development etc.
A promising industry future with a transparent and solid infrastructure
CoinXP provides impenetrable security and transparency mandated by large players, through a combination of ledgers and order books on chain, threshold signature, automated proof of solvency, and many other technologies such as hot & cold storage, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection/ prevention, and insurance etc.
  • Feb1
    Nocenter Foundation founded
    Feb 1, 2018
  • Feb 20
    Seed invested by Collinstar and LinkVC
    Feb 20, 2018
  • May
    Proof of Concept of CoinXP techniques demo online
    May, 2018
  • Jun 1
    CoinXP private token sale kicking-off
    Jun 1, 2018
  • Aug
    Internal test net
    Aug, 2018
  • Sep
    Beta release online
    Sep, 2018
  • Otc
    Partnership development and limited trading test
    Otc, 2018
  • Nov
    Invited public test
    Nov, 2018
  • Dec
    Invited public test
    Dec, 2018
  • Jan
    Multiple functions of financial derivatives
    Jan, 2019
Liang Liang
Hua Chen
Dr.Weijia Che
Platform Architect
Dr.Wei Wang
Encryption Scientist
Dr.Wuwei Liang
Principal Research Scientist
Yang Wang
Liang Liang
  • Liang Liang received DBA from Southwestern University of finance and economics, China and EMBA in London University, UK. Liang Liang is a successful serial entrepreneur with vision, leadership, and business acumen. He founded and cofounded several companies in various industries from traditional advertising, internet and sharing economy, to quant-fund. His first company Brandnew Sign Express is now a top company in sign manufacturing industry in China. It has been profitable for 20 consecutive years with total revenues of multi-billion RMB. His later endeavor of an internet sharing economy startup received 20 million USD Venture Capital investment and he was awarded as China’s top 10 innovative entrepreneurs in 2016. His entrepreneurship experience was featured in an exclusive interview with CCTV. Liang Liang is an avid stock trader with many years’ experience of algorithmic trading and in-depth understanding of the financial markets. He cofounded Zhongheng fund and led the development of market analysis tools, system trading platform and various trading algorithms. As he started trading cryptocurrency by leveraging his extensive experience and knowledge in the financial markets, he saw opportunities in founding CoinXP to provide solutions for the major pain-points in crypto-asset management and trading such as non-transparency and asset security vulnerability.
  • Hua Chen
  • Hua Chen enrolled in Tsinghua University in 1988 when he was 15 years old, and got Bachelor & MS degree majored in Computer Science and technology, Ph.D. in Department of Computer Sciences in University of California, Riverside. Hua Chen engaged into Bitcoin mining since 2012, and is the expert in the field of distributed system with over 15 years' experience working in IBM Watson Research Center & IBM Silicon Valley Lab. Prior to CoinXP Hua Chen resigned from IBM and came back to China for cofounding Hangzhou YiKu technology, a startup company in internet commerce and sharing economy, together with the CoinXP CEO Liang Liang. And he also have 10+ years' background of quantitative investment management as one of the partners of the private fund founded by the CoinXP CEO Liang Liang.
  • Yang Wang
  • Yang Wang got his bachelor degree in the College of Life Sciences, Peking University in 2005. Heg got his M.A. in experimental pathology in 2009 (quit from the Ph.D. program of Roswell Park Cancer Institute at SUNY Buffalo). Wang Yang was in the administrator team in one of the most famous Chinese BitTorrent website when he was an undergraduate student. He was also an administrator of a famous Diablo II private game server at that time. He started his future contract trading in 2008 and quit ph.D. program the next year. He started the career of a professional trader in 2012, and later joined Zongheng quantitative fund as a co-founder. He kept a 46% annualized return in HS300 Future Index trading for 30 month. (He stopped trading in Sep. 09 2015 due to severe financial supervision. He desire a market which is secure, transparent, and equal to all investors from that time.) Prior to CoinXP Wang Yang also engaged in Hangzhou YiKu and Chengdu Biku internet startup.
  • Dr.Wuwei Liang
    Principal Research Scientist
  • Wuwei was admitted into Tsinghua University without taking the college entrance exams because of his outstanding performance in Chinese Physics Olympiad. After earning Bachelor and M.S. degrees at Tsinghua University, Wuwei received his Ph.D. degree in computational material sciences from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, US. With his outstanding computational thinking, Wuwei has 6 years Research Engineering background at Southwest Research Institute, US, where he led the R&D of the DARWIN software sponsored by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to help improve the reliabilities of commercial aircraft engines through advanced probabilistic computational algorithms. Wuwei also has 6 years of software engineering background at MathWorks with expertise in Compiler Technology and Automatic Programming or Code Generation. He leads the R&D of the computer code generation traceability for the Validation and Verification (V&V) of automatically generated computer programs, especially for safety-critical industries. Wuwei started to study into Blockchain since 2014, and has expertise in the research of high-performance distributed computing and blockchain security, especially crypto wallet security.
  • Dr.Weijia Che
    Platform Architect
  • Weijia received his B.S. degree from University of Science Technology of China and Ph.D. degree from Arizona State University. His expertises are in distributed platform and high-performance computing. He received a 2 million USD grant from Raytheon for advancing the field of artificial intelligence and defense in 2007-2008. He also worked with S.R.C. in the area of distributed systems and high-performance computing (2011-2012). He won the Best Paper Award in the 9th IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems for Real-Time Multimedia and has been an crucial reviewer for ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems. He was also awarded outstanding researcher in 2014. Weijia started his R&D career with MathWorks in the area of modeling, simulation, and verification in 2012. He later joined the Pre-IPO startup, Sumo Logic, in 2015 and focused on big data and cloud computing. He and his team in Sumo Logic built a cloud-based, high-available SaaS (software as a service) platform that analyzes 100+ petabytes data and runs 200+ million searches per day. His DevOps experiences in high performance and multi-tenant service in AWS is crucial for building and operating container/orchestration based high-performance, scalable public blockchain architecture.
  • Dr.Wei Wang
    Encryption Scientist
  • Wei has bachelor degree of Mathematical Science of Peking University, and Ph.D. of Computational Mathematics in LaTech U.S. He published over 10 papers in academic journals of mathematics and computer science. He is the leading developer of The MathWorks Inc®, and he has more than 7 years experience on Model Based Design, Compiler and Code Generation. He and his team designed a high-reliable infrastructure for Simulink® Coder. With his background on Asymmetric Encryption and Elliptic-curve Cryptography, he is currently the Encryption Scientist of CoinXP and working for the CoinXP blockchain security and digital signature system.