An Infrastructure for
Cryptocurrency Exchange Ecosystem
Empower investors with assets trading security and liquidity
Decentralized assets custody and trading actions executed on chain
Accommodates thousands of TPS Aggregates market liquidity
Supports brokers, Dapps, wallets and projects to run low-cost exchanges
Aggregated order book among exchanges to share the market liquidity and lower trading cost.
Brokers to enrich services and functions that improve user experience.
CXP token incentive mechanism based on commission for a sustainable ecosystem.
Threshold signature to secure cross-chain gateway and assets in custody.
Distributed ledgers and clearing of trades on CoinXP chain to ensure fairness and transparency.
Team Summary
We are a traders and geeks team with entrepreneurial background from startups, PreIPO companies, investment firm and MNCs graduated from Riverside UC, Georgia Tech, Arizona State University, Tsinghua University, and Peking University etc. Many of us have worked at IBM lab, Mathworks, Bloomberg, Amazon etc. with the background of distributed network, computational sciences, high-performance distributed computing, blockchain security, encryption, match-engine etc. We won the Championship of Global Blockchain Hackathon Beijing Stop held by Node Capital this May in 2018.